Acupuncture in Bristol and StroudPrivate Acupuncture Appointments

First appointment: 70 mins | £55

Follow-up appointments: 40 mins | £45

(Children under 6: first appointment 40 mins / £45; follow-ups 30 mins / £30)

ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE (Bristol only)... CLICK HERE (select 'Therapy Appointments' / 'Acupuncture (Private) / 'Sam May', then select a time. Registration required.)


Low-Cost Community/Multi-Bed Acupuncture Clinics

Mondays 4.30-7.00pm, & Wednesdays 11.30am-1.30pm
at The Natural Health Clinic, Bristol (details opposite/below)
ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE... CLICK HERE (select 'Therapy Appointments' / 'Acupuncture (Multibed) / 'Sam May', then select a time. Registration required.)

Tuesdays, 10.30am-2.00pm
at Hawkwood College, Stroud (details opposite/below)

Cost: £20-40 ('pay what you can')

Treatment duration: approx 40 mins

Costs are kept low by treating several people at the same time, normally in a shared room with other patients, hence the term 'multi-bed' or 'community' acupuncture, providing an affordable solution for those who cannot otherwise afford acupuncture and who need regular treatment. This multi-bed format is very common in China and is now becoming increasingly popular across the UK.

Your privacy is fully respected with a private consultation room available, and in some cases a private treatment room may be available occasionally. You will have a brief consultation each time you come, and can then rest on your own during treatment while other patients in the clinic are attended to.

Pre-booking is required.


Sam also practices acupuncture at the award-winning Treatment Support Clinic at Penny Brohn Cancer Care.

Home visits: if you are home-bound or unable to access the clinic for any reason, Sam offers home visits in Bristol. There is an additional charge to allow for travel time and expense.

Free consultation: if you would like to discuss your interest prior to making a booking, Sam offers a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Practice Locations

The Natural Health Clinic

39 Cotham Hill
Bristol, BS6 6JY
Tel: 07733 154419 (for bookings)
at The Practice Rooms

Central Somerset Physiotherapy
Mendip Court, Upper Breach
South Horrington
Wells, BA5 3DG
Tel: 07733 154419 (for bookings)

Hawkwood College

Painswick Old Road
Stroud GL6 7QW
Tel: 07733 154419 (for bookings)
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